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Day 1

As golden hour fell upon the the North Shore, ten bikini-clad women made their way down the beach toward the playful surf of Ehukai Beach Park. Led by RVCA advocate, world-traveling water photographer and Oahu native, Zak Noyle, these ladies were about to get their first lesson in water photography, using only their iPhones (and a unique protective housing created by Aquatech Imaging Solutions). Prior to reaching the beach, Zak provided instruction on how to utilize these futuristic housings and play with iPhone camera and app settings to get the most out of the device. Once their smart phones were safely secured inside their waterproof casings, and new swimwear had been selected and donned from RVCA Women’s Spring 2020 line, the group made their way toward the water. With fins in hand and a bit of bravery, the pack kicked through the foamy beachbreak and out into the lineup where, over the course of the next hour, Zak shared instruction on how to utilize camera settings like aperture and focus, as well as positioning in the surf to capture best shots. As the sun set and phone batteries began to die, the salty-haired girls made their way in from the surf and toweled off, comparing photos that they could immediately post to social media.

Huge thanks to Zak Noyle, Aquatech Imaging Solutions, DaFin, Waiola Coconut Water and Whiteclaw for supporting this event. Photos by Delon Bone

Photos by Zak Noyle

For the fourth year in a row during RVCAloha, we’ve had the honor of hosting the North Shore Lifeguard Association CPR Seminar at the RVCA Off the Wall House. A special event that was open to the public to help bring ocean safety awareness and possibly save a human’s life. RVCA Advocates were there in attendance from Surf, Sport, Artist Network Program, Women’s and Skate. A special thanks to the NSLA and the community for allowing us to host these events in their backyard. Photos by Delon Bone

Day 2

The main event of RVCAloha 2019 took place Wednesday evening, December 4th and was a night to remember. The evening’s exhibition, entitled The Hammerhead Show, was a unique showcasing of artwork dedicated to Christian Hosoi, inspired by his long legacy in skateboarding and the original Hammerhead deck painted by Keith Haring for Christian back in 1986. The show featured over 60 artists from around the world, ranging from close friends of the legendary skateboarder, to those who idolized him and his iconic style from afar. Replicas of the original Hammerhead deck were provided to each artist to paint and each was hung along with an accompanying canvas, to create a one of a kind collection and art show. Proceeds from the purchase of each work will be donated to charitable causes of the artists’ and Christian’s choice.

Christian Hosoi has always been a pioneer of style and functionality combined. First revolutionizing skateboard design with his "fish" shape, then later with the unique hammerhead shape. Originally released in 1984, the Hosoi Hammerhead quickly became one of the most iconic skateboard shapes of all time and a benchmark of individuality. It was sought by nearly every skateboarder and consequently bootlegged and sold around the world by several different companies. Eventually, skull skates and Christian created ads with images of him and the hammerhead deck with the slogans, "the real hosoi" and "beware of imitations." In 2016, the Smithsonian’s national history museum of American history accepted an original Hammerhead as a historically important skateboard object. To this day the hammerhead represents not only Christian’s influential impact on the skate industry but also the unique individuals and creativity that drives our culture.

The exhibition included works by ANP Artists and friends of Christian Hosoi. A special thanks to Christian Hosoi, Pops Hosoi and their family, Pat Tenore, Mark Oblow, skateboarding, the community of Hawaii and all the artists involved in the show.

Photos by Delon Bone

Photos by John Bradford